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Mission and Vision


The mission of La Entrada High School is to provide educational experiences that stimulate intellectual curiosity, create personal enthusiasm for knowledge and actively engage and empower the students in the process of learning so that they may responsibly participate in a diverse, ever-changing democratic society.


In shared partnership with parents and students, the La Entrada staff envisions an alternative learning environment that promotes high academic achievement, personal and social responsibility and empowers students to meet the challenges of a changing world. 


For more details about our award winning program, please watch our La Entrada High School, Information for Prospective Families Presentation

Support: California law does not allow school districts to charge fees to students for curricular and extracurricular activities. However, due to state budget cut backs, schools can no longer afford to fund many of these activities.  Therefore, we are requesting voluntary donations from parents to offset the costs of these programs.  Parents are not required to make donations and all students may participate in extracurricular activities regardless of whether their parents make a donation.